Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Resurrection of a *dead* blog

I think there can be romantic feelings when one starts a blog. It must be somewhat similar to the individuals who aren't "pet people", but get a pet.

Love at first sight...with the best of intentions. The time, the care, the expectations, the warm fuzzy feelings all start out strong in the beginning. And slowly but surely each one slips, slips, slips until the poor thing is neglected and Caretaker of the Year is looking for a new owner on Craigslist.

I guess it's a really great thing this is a blog and not a sweet animal. But it has to be said....

I have killed my blog. The poor thing has been severely neglected and has kicked the bucket. I had all those warm and fuzzy feelings in the beginning. There were hopes and dreams for this blog too. Visual ideas stored in my head just waiting to be welcomed into the internet world. But I didn't do anything with them unfortunately. A while back I even thought, "I should take my blog address of my etsy site because I'm too embarrassed to have anyone visit here!" I didn't.


there is a new light and a second wind. I am now fully committed to a vibrant, healthy, and ACTIVE blog. Hurray for fairchilddesigns.blogspot.com! She's turning a new leaf. =)
So to the few stragglers who still might check back here, you're about to see some great changes.

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