Thursday, June 18, 2009

The New "Baby"

I had been tracking a special package through FedEx for days. Every afternoon I would check to see where my special package was, just so I would have assurance that each day it was getting closer and closer to my house(potentially disturbing, I know). It was supposed to arrive on Friday and I waited all day Friday because of the required signature delivery. I was a little disheartened, but more anxious than anything else when tracking updated at 4:30pm to say it wasn't arriving that day. I was certainly excited that Monday was THE day. On Monday, I also waited all day. Every time a FedEx truck would enter my neighborhood, my heart did a little flutter (yes, potentially disturbing again). However, at 4:30pm, the tracking information updated to say that it wasn't going to be delivered until Tuesday. I was so FRUSTRATED! I waited all day, for two whole business days...and all I wanted was my package!!! I called FedEx customer service and without rant or rave from my end of the phone, they completely redeemed the whole company by sending out a driver from 30 minutes away to deliver just my package. I was beeming at 5:45pm when the driver pulled up to my house and handed me 5 lbs. of bliss. Want to know what it was???

I swear there was an angelic choir in my house when I opened the package. It was seriously like Christmas when you're six years old; I could not have been more giddy. One of the most difficult parts, after waiting aimlessly for FedEx, was waiting for the battery to charge. Oh happy day, I have wanted a DSLR camera for 4 years and this specific model since it came out. Below is a small sampling of images I captured early Monday evening.

Yes, I still managed to make dinner that night...and I even took a picture. =)

This is a little fern in the front area of my house.

A delicate arugala flower, who's lovely leaves made it into my dinner.
Though I am super food conscious, Coke is a serious weak spot...and a great test subject.
I am so thrilled to see where this wonderful camera takes my Fairchild Designs pictures. I could not be more overjoyed!

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