Saturday, July 4, 2009

Feature From An Etsy Friend

One of the things I love about Etsy is that it is not just an online marketplace for made-by-hand treasures, it really is a community also. I love how Etsy has created a venue that contains so many applications for sellers (and buyers) to help and encourage one another. In the Fall of 2008, after I began listing some of my jeweled creations in my Etsy store I made a connection with another fairly new Etsy seller named Jen of Polestar. She was starting to experience really great success on Etsy and her simple, yet amazing jewelry designs were picking up a lot of exposure. Through the months since then, we have shared positive emails, kind words, and featured one another's work through Etsy treasuries from time to time. We are both great fans of one another's work and it is evident that we have similar tastes.

I was recently blown away to see Jen's sales numbers reaching over 850 (now over 900) and sent a little message to offer my congratulations of her hard-earned success. She was unfortunately having a personal struggle that day and I felt compelled to create a gift for her as a congratulations and a pick-me-up. When I asked for her address I didn't know what exactly I would create, but sat down that night and finished a most lovely necklace, using stones I knew she liked from a pair of earrings I had recently sold.

It really is so encouraging and empowering to see such great success as hers on Etsy and is completely motivating (for me at least) to know that I can do the same. I am so proud of her and I really wanted to bless her with a "knock-her-socks-off" kind of gift. Here are some of the gorgeous photos Jen took of the necklace I sent. How I wish I could send her all my designs to photograph!

She was quite blown away when she received it, and in response has written the loveliest blog entry about the experience and my shop. Here is a link the the blog article she wrote: Polestar Blog

I was really inpsired by this necklace and created another that is somewhat similar in idea, but different, for my Etsy shop . Here is a picture below of the necklace, called Lovely Lucia.

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PoleStar Jewelry said...

This was so nice of you. I have made some great friends on Etsy, including you, and all of them happen to be jewelry designers! It is a great place.