Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Have I Been Up To Exactly?

Fairchild Designs has seemed like a ghost town as of the last few months. Did you notice the tumbleweeds blowing by??? With the exception of a few custom requests, I haven't posted anything new in quite a while; but I have been creating, I promise. I just haven't been posting to Etsy. Most of the reasons may sound apathetic, but I have undergone several lifestyle shifts in the past year and 1/2 and I'm still sorting out some of the details. Somehow, this impacts my business. Anyway, I have been busy doing a multitude of things and yes, above I did mention creating. So here below is a recap of my life since the fall.

September- My darling daughter Eva started Kindergarten. Seen here:

And she loves it and is thriving. =) Fairchild Designs (ok, really me) is having a difficult time adjusting however. Prior to kindergarten, we were on a schedule that was highly conducive to my creativity. Eva stayed up until 10pm; I worked until 2 or 3am (I'm a night owl); and we woke up at 10am. With kindergarten though, Eva's school starts at 9am and we get up at 7:00 now. One would think I could just scale back my life 3 hours and acclimate. This has not been the case thus far; it's still a work in progress.

October, November, December.....

Trying to figure things out, and while contemplating the mysteries of the universe and my life I took a photography class to feed that passion and become a better photographer.

Also during this time, I had been busy collecting an amazing assortment of beautifully colored gems. So here is a small sampling of some serious eye candy, for those of you who love beautiful gemstones:

December also brought about Christmas. I love the details in things, and as some people might notice, I have a tendency to view the finer details of objects. So, when I look at a gingerbread house, this is what I see:


I needed some serious rejuvenation and planned a spontaneous trip to Maui, which is feasible since I live on the west coast. Oh, Hawaii.... how I adore you and your golden sand beaches. It was in the 80's the whole 3 days I soaked up the sun. Simply Amazing. =)

Through out it all: I did say that I had been creating, didn't I? Yes. I have created some truly wonderful pieces of jewelry. I don't have pictures of them all, but here is a sample below. I hope you enjoy them.

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Kami said...

Oh, my! Love the photography as much as the jewelry! Good job!